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Recommend a DTV installer near the Woodlands, TX?

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I'm building a new home in the Woodlands, TX near Houston. I'm looking for a good installer that can be involved during the in-wall wiring stage before Sheetrock goes up.
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IMO you're probably better off working with an electrical contractor who will set you up with cable, telephone and home theater solutions.

I lived in Cypress, right down FM1960 from the Woodlands, in the 1970s. We moved there from LA. Make sure you get a good AC system in your house.:)
It depends on whether or not you know what you want.
If you know exactly what you want - coax, ethernet, hdmi, audio, etc. in cabling and jacks, then an electrician would probably fine, as long as they know how to work in those genres.

If you need advice and guidance, then definitely contact a home theater installer and go from there.
I just want to go ahead and put my 2 cents in. I'm kicking myself for not getting more Cat5e/6 and coax. At LEAST get coax in every single room and Cat5e/6 in the main rooms that you feel will get the most traffic. I know that wifi is awesome and pretty much standard in all electronics these days, but ethernet is so much more reliable for stationary electronics. We have security cams that are wifi compatible, but sucked on 802.11n. As soon as we plugged in ethernet, they were perfect. Same goes with our home server..

Also, if you are going to mount your TV, be sure to install some conduit behind the sheet rock.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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