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Recommendations for new D Tivo service

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An elderly couple I have known many years have C service with HD Tivo/cablecards. They have had trouble with the cards in the past and the Tivo has bit the dust. They received an HD DVR from C until they can decide what to do.

They are fed up with C and the cable cards. They do not like the "new" DVR interface/learning curve and would have the same reaction to an HR-DVR.

The new D Tivo DVR would seem to be ideal for them. They only require one DVR and an SD box in another room although they have reported a few times needing three tuners, but that is rare. The monthly cost of a second Tivo on the main TV would not be an issue.(changing inputs might)

This seems to me to be a simple straightforward install but I'm not up on the Tivo so:

Is the Tivo interface the same as the older stand alones? Peanut? etc.

Will D allow two DVR's on a single TV in a new install?

Does the Tivo require/use phone or internet? VOD?

I am aware there is no MRV with the Tivo.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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1. Yes, it's the same user interface as the older Series 1 and Series 2 Tivos.

2. There should be no issues installing two THR22 Tivos to one TV if that's what they want.

3. Phone/internet connections are not "required", but they'll need one or the other to order PPV movies with their remote control.
Learn more about the new THR22 in the First Look here ....
Perfect. Thank You.
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