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Record Series / Single Ep question

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I've been a tivo user for many years and just recently got myself a HR21, so please excuse me if these are silly questions.

With my tivo I was able to look at episodes of a recurring recording and also record non-scheduled eps manually (i.e. if I wanted to record a rerun of a show that was set to first-run only). I was looking at the episode list for Psych, which I have a First-Run recurring recording set for, and highlighted one ep that I had missed and hit the (R) button. When I did that it set the single recording, but it deleted my recurring recording from the prioritizer!

So, how do I have Prioritizer recording but also add the occasional re-recording?

Second, semi-related issue: I manually added a show yesterday, and it conflicted with 2 series recordings at that time. I had it overwrite Recording 1. This was a HIST recording, so I know it will be rerun later that same night. Should the prioritizer have gone through and rescheduled that series recording for me? I didn't see it. Does it just take a while to do (I know Tivo needed to reshuffle the recordings daily for that to happen).

Thanks for answering my newbie questions...
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ssandhoops said:
With the single EP highlighted, you didn't inadvertently hit the record button more than once, did you? Doing so would remove your series link, I believe.
Yes, it would remove the SL....

And my suggestion for you when your adding a program to record that conlflicts, I'd first look to see if another episode of that is set to air before canceling something else. You can easily do that by highlighting the program, selecting info, and then episodes.. it will list all the episodes for that show to choose from....
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