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first, what model of dvr do you have? were they the only 2 programs scheduled to record? are both tuners hooked up and working?
recodring 2 does not depend on sd/hd status, if both tuners are available it will reord 2.

however, you cannot record 2 and watch a third live feed (can watch recorded) on the dvr. you can record 2 and then watch tv through a different source input (such as OTA) thereby creating the recording 2 and watching a third live feed scenario.

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Mailman74 said:
I was told by the installer that I could record 2 HD programs at the same time. I tried to set up 2 last night and got a conflicting error.
What is the model of the receiver?

What was the confilct? Were you trying to watch something that was on a different channel then the recordings?

The DVR+ has only two tuners so you can...
  • Watch one show and record another.
  • Record two shows.
  • Record two shows and watch a third that was previously recorded.
You can check the history to see what the conflict was and other info about your recordings.

Menu->Manage Recordings->History


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Your installer is correct. It does not matter if the programs you are recording are HD or SD (Standard Definition).

There is a definite reason of why you are having a conflict... and as you can see the fine people here are ready to help you.

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There are a couple of gotchas with recording conflicts that aren't all that apparent to the new user.

1) Major net shows in particular (and some on FX and others) do not always adhere to regular start/stop times. ABC and NBC seem to be the worst, scheduling shows as "1:01" and ":59" to fill a two-hour block. "The Shield" on FX can sometimes run 4-9 minutes into the next hour, for instance. "Sanctuary" (tonight's premiere) runs 2:02, meaning it will conflict with a double recording scheduled 2 hours afterwards.

2) If you have padded a show for a series link or otherwise, it can also cause a similar conflict. For instance, I normally pad "'Til Death" because FOX runs it a little over. Once they started airing two versions back to back (after dropping the dreadful "Do Not Disturb" after 3 pitiful airings), that meant that it actually conflicted with itself (the first airing overlapping the second) and another recording on another channel.

It's always good to check these things first when a recording appears to not be scheduled that you feel should be, and usually these reasons are why. It's also good to check this ahead of time rather than to figure out why something did not record after the fact.
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