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Recording failed - Friday Night Lights

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I have been trying to record the first episode of Friday Night Lights from the on demand feature.

I have tried the remote booking twice and both times have failed with the error message that the program is no longer available (3010)

It is still listed in the online on demand program guide, so why is it no longer available?

I have just connected my HR21-700 to the internet, do I need to wait for the VOD program listing to fully download? I could not find the listing in the guide on the DVR, but did find in the listing on the DTV website.

Since I waited until tonight to try to download the first episode, am I S. O. L. or is there maybe some other issue?
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The first episode is currectly listed in the VOD listings, I suspect it will remain there for some time. Probably you will be OK in a few hours after your VOD guide data populates, it should be complete within 24 hours.
Well FNL 3001 finally showed up in the program listing on the DVr, and I was able to add it to the queue, but I got a message that all downloading is currently paused.

Why is downloading paused, and is ther esomething I need to do, or is this something that D had done and they will start it back later?

Never mind... DOH

After a few minutes I was able to hit the yellow button and "resume download" so it is now downloading.

That option was not offered when I first added the show to the queue.

OH well........
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