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recording question-Burn to Blu Ray

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A friend of mine who isnt in the HD world (ok lets call him a semi friend :) has asked me to record the Obama speech tonight. He wants to know if I can burn a copy to a blu ray disc. Now I have a blu ray burner and a 50gb recordable but how do I get the speech of the HD DVR?

thanks for your help and sorry if this is the wrong area to post
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You have to play it, and record the live video feed. You will probably have to use an SD output (s-video or composite video/audio).

I'm guessing the blu-ray burner is attached to your computer, as I haven't seen a home theatre blu-ray burner.

In that case you would need some sort of device to capture output from the component video outputs of the DVR of you want HD. That might be out of the price range right now.

I'm moving this to the HD DVR forum for more discussion.
As Stuart said, I assume your Blu-Ray burner is in your PC, so the job is to get the video from the satellite receiver into the PC. For now, the Hauppauge HD PVR is the least expensive HD-capable HD capture device for your computer. It has component inputs that can accept the component output from your HD satellite receiver. If you have an SD capture devices, then I would not bother with Blu-Ray – just burn it on a regular DVD-R. If you have no analog capture devices on your PC, then you won’t be able to do this from your D* receiver.
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