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This happens on my SA Tivo HD XL as well. There isn't a whole minute of missing data in between back-back programs but there is a distinct gap.

I record the same shows you do but add padding which works fine unless I am recording a show on another channel. In that case I will record the first show with 1h30 of extra time so that it is all contiguous.

I've rarely noticed it as an issue except on that NBC night. They definitely skew their shows a bit versus normal clock time. With that extra minute of programming they squeeze in between commercial breaks it butts up against the normal switchover time.

On the HR24 they can autopad in situations like that but I ended up having to turn that off because then when I watched shows out of sequence (like Always Sunny or something like that) then I would see the end of an episode I hadn't watched yet at the beginning from the autopad.
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