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Recording two shows / both Sat connections

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So I'm taking a look at the back of my HR21, and I see that there are two SAT coax connectors...

I live in an apartment building and we only have cable brought into the unit from the communal dish. It is split in my unit to 3 boxes (other two are h21s). How do I connect the second coax so I can record two shows at once...? Can I just split the line running to my HR21?
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it depends on how your apt complex is set up.

normally you cant just split the lines but if your apt has the Single Wire Multiswitch then you can.

from what i am reading about your setup you have 1 cable coming from the dish and then it is split going to h21s and your hr21. if that is the case then you do not need to worry about the second cable to your hr21.
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