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Refresh my recollection, please

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Now that my latest replacement R15 unit (I had several others last spring) is due in 4-5 days, I'm curious what to expect. Even after the most reset-iest reset possible, my unit continued to have reliability problems (multiple lock ups per day, black-screen recordings, partial recordings, etc.)

Has anyone gone through several R15 units, kept their SLs under 10, done weekly prophylactic RBRs, and minimized use of risky functions (search, auto-record, etc.) only to continue to have basic reliability problems? Can I anticipate the prospect of being the first? Or, will I have company even in the worst case that the replacement is as bad or worse than the original?

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Hmm, I'd gotten the impression that user satisfaction was getting reasonably high, on average. I figured that meant that, between getting swapped out and downloading new releases, most folks were ending up in pretty good shape. I'm sorry to learn that it's still pretty much a random process.

More accurately, I'm puzzled. It seems to me that failures have to be due to one or more of the following:

1. Site prep issues: signal, temperature, power
2. User behavior: doing some unspecified bad stuff
3. Hardware
4. Software

Software can't be that bad or everyone would be having problems, whereas the majority now report satisfaction. An exception would be if the unhappy folks are doing something (49 SLs?) that other aren't and that the box should, but doesn't, handle. Swaps should handle hardware.

So, either folks aren't swapping out their bad hardware or the differences in satisfaction are attributable to different usage behaviors????

I feel like I'm missing something here....
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Good point! I've read reports that some replacements have come with downloaded programs ready-to-view. :D I think I'll do both types of reset, just as I did with my current unit before requesting (demanding?) the replacement unit.
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