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Is there a difference in regular signal and HD signal?I'm about to get direct tv tomorrow.But the installers say it might not get HD signal.I live up here in Alaska and wonder if this is true.Alaska already gets an oversize dish.Also,another company that installs said I could pick up the HD signal,but it would cost me between 3 to 5 hundred dollars.I want the free installation.So is there a difference in signals?Thanks.

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I think that you will need an additional dish for the new HD signals up there.

from directv.com
"HD Programming
For DIRECTV CHOICE programming (along with premium packages and seasonal sports subscriptions) and HD Programming, you will need two (2) 1.2-meter DIRECTV® Dishes. "

Not 100% sure bout the charge. Call D* for details.

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Is this because Alaska is so much further north so:
a) Bigger dish is required to collect more signal, and
b) one dish can't be pointed at all sats to capture enough signal so it takes 2 dishes to point in the required directions.
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