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Reinitialization for the 501

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Below is the procedure for reinitialization of the 501 hard drive HOWEVER---this is outdated with the software updates on the receiver. Does anyone have the latest procedure?


Here's the Reinit Code for the 501

Menu-6-3 - This will put you into the diagnostic screen.
Info-Right arrow (browse)-Left arrow (theme) - This will put you
into the memory dump screen. Note - there is a timeout. You have to hit
the three keys "INFO, RIGHT, LEFT" in succession rather quickly. You should get
the "help" screen briefly after INFO, but it should be replaced by the memory
dump screen as soon as RIGHT and LEFT are completed.
Stop (i.e. press the STOP button) - This will flag the system to
re-initialize your drive on reset.
Reset the system by removing the smart card, and reinserting
it. Please leave the smart card removed for several seconds. Wait at least
until the system information screen appears.
When the card is reinserted, then your system will reset and
your drive will be re-initialized. You should be able to verify this because
your PTV list will be empty."
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