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Yesterday, I was searching for shows about 9/11. I ended up doing it via directv.com as the search function on my DVR was not working very well. I'll stop for a second to explain. Whenever I go to search for shows by title and type in 9 it comes to all the shows about 9/11. If I select one of them it says searching for shows and will be that way for minutes....and I mean lots of minutes. So I walked away and came back. When I came back my search window was gone and the TV was back to normal TV viewing. Since I was late to work I figured okay I'll goto work and do the online thing. Well after searching online via directv.com I selected like 6 or 7 shows. When I got home I noticed my TO DO list didnt have any new shows listed. I went to history and all seven requested had failed. They said that the shows no longer existed. This was untrue in the fact that if I went in the guide and moved ahead like 13 hours they were there. This is the second time I have tired remote booking recently and the second time that it has failed.

Now, some facts. I do have internet access and my box has been hooked up to it since they day it was installed. I have done VOD and it works so I know the box can contact DirecTV. Everything else on the box appears to be working except for the searching of shows an remote booking. I have never done anything related to cutting edge so I have the latest national software for my box. Please help me as this is getting annoying that I can't search or do remote bookings.
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