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Remote help with 5 D-12's

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Today I installed 6 TV's in a sports bar. 1 h21 and 5 d-12's.

I put all the d-12's in a rack. What is the best way to setup just 1 remote to individually work all 5 IRD's?
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I can think of no way to accomplish that with integral capability. The D12 only has 2 IR codes and does not support RF.

You would need some external system to talk to the D12's via serial RS232, or isolated IR blaster dedicated to each unit that is selectable based on the unit you want to control.

Perhaps the easiest solution would be to replace the D12's with H20's or H21's and only use them in an SD capacity. They can be individually controlled by RF. But even then, you are limited to 3 units per remote control.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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