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The remotes are as follows: (Hope I remembered this correctly)

  • RC16 - Originally shipped with the DIRECTV D10 receivers, not able to be used on anything but a DIRECTV receiver (no legacy support) no RF capability, does not have a "format" button, no longer produced.
  • RC22 - Shipped with the Humax flat panel only, Still available but only available from Humax
  • RC23 - Used as the standard remote replacement for a while, also came with receivers after the RC16 was phased out. No RF capability, no longer produced.
  • RC24 - Originally shipped with the DIRECTV H10 receivers, RF capable, no longer produced.
  • RC32 - Replaced the RC23 as the standard remote, no RF capability, no longer produced.
  • RC32BB - Big Button universal remote, backlit, no RF capability, does not support interactive/hd only functions (format), still available.
  • RC32RF - Available separately as a RF remote, was also backlit, no longer produced.
  • RC34 - Originally shipped with DirecTV HD DVR's, RF capable.
  • RC64 - Current remote for new units and replacements, no RF capability. Still available.
  • RC64R - Only ships with new HD DVR's, has RF capability. Not available for replacements.
  • RC64RB - Available as a replacement with RF capability, is also backlit. Still available.
  • RC64S - Slim remote that comes with the DIRECTV Sat-Go. Still available.

Of course we have the blue universals before that but I don't remember too much about them.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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