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Remote question

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Anyone have a problem with a remote just going thru the batteries? The #2 remote for my 625 seems to go thru them very quickly. It seems like every couple of weeks the low battery message pops up which is way to frequent. Would Dish replace it?
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puckwithahalo said:
call dish and get the remote replaced, its a known issue and is faulty.
I had the same problem only a few weeks ago. I have been a customer for about 18 months. First remote's batteries lasted about 6 months, then it went to about 3, and then they would go dead in less than a week. Call dish or go online to their chat. If you have the DHPP, they will send you a remote for no charge, no shipping at all. You will not even have to send the old one back. Sounds like other people have had this problem as well.
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