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Tom in Bristol said:
Subject functions on one of our 5 RC64 remotes has quit working. Has anyone opened up one of these to see if there are contacts that can be cleaned for a quick fix?
It's quite easy to open the RC64 (and the RC24) remote. Just pry up the grey insert at the edges. There are two tabs on the backside of the insert that keep it in place. Once removed you'll find four Phillips screws. There are two more screws under the battery cover on the backside. The RC24 only has three screws on the top side.

Once you have all the screws removed you need to lightly prey the top cover away from the base by inserting a thin screwdriver blade (or thin knife blade) between the top and bottom sides. Start at the bottom end near the battery slot. Work your way up the sides.

I'm afraid that you won't be able to clean up the contacts - they are most likely worn out due the construction of the contacts on the PC board and the soft pads. The pads have a conductive surface that makes the connection with the PC board.

The only thing that I know of to fix the problem is conductive paint and have tried a few but I was never able to get the repairs to work for more than a few days before the paint wore off.

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Before you do that, have you checked to see if you're using the right remote on the right TV, and/or that someone hasn't reprogrammed the remote for another TV brand?
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