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This is the Wrong Info Bug.

I posted this in the 0x115 Release thread:

Wrong Info Bug
Here is how to see the Wrong Info Bug. Set up some number of First Run Only Season Passes on a 2-Tuner TiVo. Set up the identical Series Links on the HR20 in the same order. The old TiVo will make you "Please Wait" while it one-by-one searches for all of the shows. The HR20 will take up to 24 hours to accumulate them.

A day later, look at both To Do Lists. They will often overlap but a surpising number of times the TiVo will have different programs set to record. Go online with the network and you will see that invariably TiVo got it right. I have yet to see a case where the TiVo was the one in error.

To further the experiement, repeat the test but first unplug the TiVo phone line so it can't call home. Now both units only have the hidden info broadcast in channel 100.

Same results.

So both the old TiVo and the HR20 get the same data from the satellite. The HR20 just seems to have a bit of dyslexia.

- Craig
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