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lamontcranston said:
Been a while since we posted on this subject. I really wasn't having first run vs. repeat issues so I stayed out of these posts. So, if this is just a big ol' repeat to some of you, let the thread die, with my apologies.
As I said, I had very few issues with first runs vs. repeats until version 0x10b. At the same time, my reboot frequency was about one a month, maybe once every three weeks.
I was hit with the black screen bug, not as badly as some, but I was hit. My reboot frequency went to roughly once every two-three days.
I noticed the following after my most recent reboot on Monday:
-I have a series link for Mythbusters (I bet you do too). First run only.
-Earlier in the day Mythbusters was not on my to do list. and after the reboot Mythbusters was not on my to do list.
-Mythbusters started 45 minutes after reboot, and started recording. I looked to see why, and the info was just the generic "two funny looking guys try to test urban legends" or whatever, you know what I mean.
-The next day, the info for the program was accurate and showed it as a repeat.
So here's what I'm seeing: The original 6 hours of guide data that happens after a reboot may not have all the episode info, so any programs that occur within 6 hours after a reboot might record even if they are repeats (and you want only first run). At some point that guide data seems to be backfilled, so it looks like the HR20 had the episode info and recorded it anyway.
Ergo: Those who frequently reboot for other problems are more likely to perceive errors in first run/repeat logic. Those without frequent reboots are less likely to perceive this.
One more thing: When establishing a series link, the original episode you selected will always be set to record, even if it is a repeat and the logic is for first runs. The issue fixes itself with subsequent repeats.
Ah, there. Got it off my chest.
Yep, and add to this the record R) & R)) icon "bug". Add more guide data, the "bug" goes away.
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