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I have an HR21-700 hooked up to an eSATA drive. The DVR started acting up, losing satellite signal every 3 days or so on one of the tuners. I swapped the cables, and the same tuner still had problems, so DirecTV sent someone out to replace it today.

They replaced it with an HR21-200. They hooked up the eSATA drive. All of the recordings show up on the recording list; however, none of them will play. When I try to play them, I get a gray screen and the message "Searching for authorized content".

Is there any way to preserve my recordings?


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jdspencer said:
In this case, I would think that DirecTV should have a method by which the eSata drive can be married to the new unit.
Adding a drive is an unsupported, undocumented and unadvertised feature of the D* DVR's.

If it was an official advertised feature, I'd agree with you, but it's not. Anyone attempting to add a drive should be well aware of the risks and limitations before doing it.
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