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replacing hr20-100's

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one of my hr20-100's has begun to reboot on its own almost daily now. was wondering since i pay the extra for repair coverage, if i call to replace this unit are there still any hr20-100 available or will i get one of the newer models. i need the 20-100 for the acces to ota channels in my area. none of my locals are carried yet.
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if you are upgraded to the HR21 you can request an AM21 for your off air antenna
would he need to pay for the am21 or would they give it to him?
turey22 said:
would he need to pay for the am21 or would they give it to him?
From reports here on DBSTalk, it seems that D*'s computer system won't allow an AM21 to be ordered unless there is an existing active HR21 on the account. Installers don't seem to carry AM21's. It's possible that he will receive a refurbed HR20.

If he does get an HR21, he needs to activate it and then call to request an AM21 for no charge. If the CSR won't do that, then I'd advise paying for it and getting it ordered, then, once the charges are on the account, call back and ask another CSR to issue credits. Apparently, there is no official policy on supplying AM21's for free when an HR20 is replaced with an HR21. It's all up to the specific CSR.
Your first job is to convince the CSR to send you a replacement unit directly and not do a truck roll to investigate. That's the hard part.

Then specifically tell the CSR that you are using OTA and have him/her note that you need a HR20 replacement on the order. That worked for me last May, got a HR20-700 as replacement for HR20-100. They shipped it directly to me, no truck roll was involved. It was a remanufactured unit, but it looked like new, smelled like new, and works like new (knock on wood).

If they do a truck roll, you'll get whatever they have locally in stock. That would probably be a HR21.
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