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Replacing old hardware

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Hey guys just want to run something buy you all and see what you think.

I want to replace 75% of my hardware because of numerous issues. I have been with Directv of over 13 years and in excellent standings. I am also out of any 2 year commitments. Here is my hardware:

R10 - Bedroom 1 - 1 tuner has been dead for over 2 years now
R10 - Bedroom 2 - fan can get very noisy till you smack it
HR22-100 - Den - Works fine no issues
HR21-100 - Living room - consistently slow doing anything on it ( this one is used the most)

What are the chances of getting them to replace the two R10'a and the HR21 at a minimal cost? I don't really need dvr's in the bedroom so I was thinking of an HR34 and two C31's. Should I go through retention or just the regular customer service? I dont want to spend $300 to replace old equipment.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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