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Report: Union targets Sept. 16 as strike date

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The Major League Baseball Players Association has tentatively targeted Sept. 16 as a strike date, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday.

Sources told the newspaper that union officials, concerned that the owners will implement a new system after the World Series, have decided to tell the players to stop working with two weeks left in the regular season if a settlement is not reached.

According to the sources, the union had several reasons for picking the Sept. 16th date. The union apparently decided it would be a public-relations nightmare to go on strike before Sept. 11. Also, a Sept. 16 date would mean that the players would miss just one paycheck, and it would hit the owners hard by wiping out two weeks of attendance in the home stretch of the pennant race.

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It is hard to feel any sympathy for the players who average over $2M per year in salary.
How many strikes do they need to further alienate themselves from the fans? It took me 2 years after the last strike to watch baseball. Maybe the players and owners will stop playing games and work something out so fans don't have to suffer.

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