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Resetting an HR34 via Slingbox ??

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I'm at work watching my HR34 via my Slingobx and we got rain, and lost the signal. I was checking the signal strength and they were all zeros :confused: and then it wouldn't let me exit out of the signal strength screen. So I powered it off with the slingbox virtual remote. But now, when I power it back on, the screen is blank, and the only thing that changes that is when I press "Guide" then I just get the blue guide background with no channel info. I tried reauthorizing from the DirecTV site, but nothing happened. Is there any code to press on the remote to reset the receiver from this state, or am I just S.O.L. 'till I get home??
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Try the menu button. If the menu comes up, you can go to setup, reset, restart receiver and then enter the dash. If that doesn't work, I don't know of any other way until you get home.
Yeah, that didn't work.. I did a red button reset when I got home, and everything is good now. All I missed was the Suns Losing Again :nono2: lol
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