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Response from Dish on Native Passthrough

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Hi all,

I realize many customers (including yours truly) have been asking for a native passthrough resolution feature to the 622, 722, 612, 211, etc. receivers for quite some time. I emailed them the other and received this response from Dish today (it may come to no surprise for many):

Dear Mr. -------,

Thank you for expressing your concerns and interest in DISH Network. Customer input is an important tool in our efforts to continuously improve the quality of the DISH Network service.

The intent of this email address is to work with customers to resolve their audio/video discrepancies. This topic was directed more at our receiver design and software teams. We forwarded your email through to some of our top corporate engineers. It brought on quite the discussion. They were developing ways to do this, however; it was creating adverse affects with current receiver configurations, so they had to back out. While there is still a possibility this will be added in the future, our understanding is that there are currently no near term plans for implementing native pass through.

We appreciate the time DISH Network customers take to email their audio/video quality concerns Thank you for your patience and for being a valued customer.

EchoStar Broadcasting Corporation
Quality Assurance Department
[email protected]
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I'm surprised they even tried.
I'm sure it's obvious, but why is this a huge feature? Is the scaling in the receivers so bad, it would look significantly better letting the TV scale?
The reason most people want this feature is because they have some high dollar scalers in the system that does amazing jobs with SD content and having the SD content output at 480i while HD comes out at 1080i/720p would help those environment. Same goes for when the HD source material is scaled.

Dish does a good job scaling HD material but compared to the high dollar scalers, Dish is good but not in the same class.

It is something I have hoped they would add and it was mentioned about a hear back that they were working on it. I am sorry to read the reply and hope that they do figure out how to make it happen. But then again.. as more and more stuff moves to HD I think the usefulness of this feature diminishes.

One other thing. This feature always is the top vote getter when we run Wish list polls.
Thanks Ron. That's exactly the reason why I would like a native passthrough resolution option. That and a user selectable colorspace (i.e. YCrCb rather than RGB) via HDMI. :D
ZBoomer said:
I'm sure it's obvious, but why is this a huge feature? Is the scaling in the receivers so bad, it would look significantly better letting the TV scale?
Some of us have display devices that do not have a native resolution -- CRT projectors.
Those reasons make sense; question, would "native pass-through" be any different than just setting your receiver to 480i manually?

I've played around with that some and to be honest, the difference is only discernible sometimes, and even then it's very subtle. (And I have a Pioneer KURO which supposedly scales well.)

The only improvement I've noticed occasionally is sometimes when the I'm watching SD material, with the DVR set to 1080i, you can see small black horizontal lines in text on the screen, looks like some kind of scaler artifact.

If you set the receiver to 480i, these lines go away.

To be honest though, I watch so little SD (news, speed, etc.), and when I do it's so non-critical, I just don't care really.

As far as HD, I can set the receiver to 1080i or 720p, and from normal viewing distance, it is pretty much impossible to see a difference, regardless if the source is 1080i or 720p (like NBC 1080i vs FOX 720p for example). Now I've noticed if you are viewing side-by-side or PIP, the small image looks sharper on 1080i, but full size image almost impossible to see a difference. (My TV is 1080p)

Regarding CRT projectors, I thought about that too, and I can definitely see an advantage to always sending native resolution to it, so in this case, the only advantage to NPT would be not having to switch manually?

For a fixed-resolution display like mine, I actually don't think I'd want NPT. Every time I switched channels the TV would have to re-sync, that would suck actually. I'd rather just set it manually if I want to watch a long 480i show, and it looks better letting the TV scale.
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