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Results from D* service call on HR20-700 issues

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Thought I would share the results from a service call today that might help others regarding HR20-700 (software version 254) blank recordings or 771 messages. Finally caught low signal strength on tuner 1 and also LNB output failed when running system test, which caused D* tech support to schedule service call (Previous calls to D* tech supporting reporting blank recording issue got an acknowledgement of issue but D* would not schedule service call.

Two issues fixed by tech:

1. Diplexor in HR20-700 tuner 1 cable for OTA antenna is a no-no since it reduces signal strength especially the new MPEG4 channels coming from sat 103. This is a remnant from a HR10-250 box and prior tech did not catch it. If OTA is needed, a separate cable needs to be run to DVR, or diplexor can be inserted into a non-DVR cable run(which is what tech did)

2. Slimline dish was realigned since it was off a few degrees for the 103 MPEG4 satellite that has the new HD channels. Here in Las Vegas, have clear skies and no rain but tech said strong wind gusts can rock dish slightly out of alignment.

Only time will tell if this fixes my blank recording issue but these two fixes certainly are contributing causes, and may also be causes for other people. Since the blank recording and 771 issue is complex, I am not suggesting this is going to fix all issues, but it certainly could be causing some of the issues
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Actually, you can diplex to either Tuner on the HR20.
It works with the Zinwell WB68 and 5LNB dishes just fine.
For whatever line you wish to Diplex, take the BBC off the receiver and put it at the output of the WB68.

see here, works fine

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