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Retailer Charlie Chat on Thursday

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There will be a Retailer Charlie Chat this Thursday on the Retailer Channel (999)

As always the Reatiler Chat is available ONLY to the Retailers, but as usual I expect to see posts regarding the chat after it happens here at DBStalk.COM.

I welcome any dealer who wants to post information from the chat including new programming announcements, new software updates and new promos. I would however ask dealers to refrain from posting any financial details from the chat. What you guys make on these products is between you and Echostar.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter. :)
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I was told they will be announcing a new progamming package. I hope it's something similar to DirecTV's bundling of total choice plus and locals for a a $2 discount. That would be awesome. Something like AT150+locals for $44.98.
BTW: I never disclose financial details only the details of the deals from the customers prospective.
Disclosing financial details would not benefit us one bit, I am against that myself and it is against Dish Network's rules I would think. I imagine if they do come out with a new program package that it might either be a small package or one to bundle up every channel they have beyond america's everything package or a new extended basic package (doubtful, who would want a basic package above top 150 for more than 41 a month?)

As a matter of fact I doubt there will be an additional package or a basic one anyways, maybe just one that combines all their channels together for one ultimate package.

I still say that the top 150 needs some more channels for 41 a month. Maybe they are coming out with a package in between top 100 and top 150 or something like that. Something in between those or maybe something in between top 50 and top 100.
Hopefully, a dealer will speak up about those who use telemarketing, SPAM, and other questionable practices done by a few bad apples (aka bad dealers), and how it reflects badly on BOTH Dish and the dealers who care.

Perhaps also a question about 501 owners who want to trade up to a 508 or 721. EMPHASIS on Dishplayer owners who want to trade up.
Hoping to see some incentives on the 721 for us current customers. I know I'm dreaming. Maybe a $100 off for a programming commitment.
I still think the 721 is way overrated. You still have the limitation of only being able to record/watch the same number of programs as outputs of the LNBF. For the current price of a 721, you could get 2, 501s and you'd essentially have the same functionality. I mean if you have a quad, 4x4, or 6x4 switch you can only record/watch 4 shows at a time. If you use a 721 and want programming on 4 TVs, you'll need additional equipment. What they need is a receiver that has 2 tuners for a single input.
In the notice of the charlie chat that was emailed to me yesterday, it said that they were announcing a new programming package. Does anybody know what that is?
I know I'm in the OVERWHELMING minority, but I wish it would be a small a la carte package of channels that enough people want so they should add them but not enough to add to basic packages and increase rates. I would love to see some channels like Ovation, BET On Jazz, America One TV (I know! I can dream, can't I?), and some others.
Another thread discusses a new package. AT50 locals, and STARZ for a very slight discount.
I hope they address the extra receiver fee. Like maybe numbers 2 and 3 receivers for a total fee of $4.99 together 4 and 5 another $4.99.
I think they would sell more receivers if it were only like $1.99 or $2.49 per receiver instead of $4.99 for each additional receiver.
and oh yeah let's give programming credit to customers who already carry a full package HBO, Cinemax, Showtime etc. everytime they air a free preview weekend or two week extravaganza. No reason why they should pay when others get it free during the preview.
I hope they also address practices by questionable dealers.
I hope the smiley face from WalMart shows up bouncing around and whistling and slashing prices lol.
The chat was last Thursday. :lol:
Originally posted by jeffwtux
IWhat they need is a receiver that has 2 tuners for a single input.
Does anyone know if that is technically feasable? If so, that would be a really cool thing.
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