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Return Remote with Defective Reciever?

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One of my HR20's died recently and Directv sent a new HR21 to replace it. The instructions for returning the defective receiver say to include the remote (w/o batteries). However, the CSR who activated my new receiver said I could keep the remote and return only the dvr and powercord.

I wouldn't mind keeping the remote as a spare. But, I don't want to get dinged with a non-return fee on the remote. Has anyone had any experience with this? In other words, you kept the remote and weren't charged?

If it make any difference, a remote was included with the new dvr.

Thanks in advance.
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I've seen the instructions you refer to and I've never personally returned a remote and have never gotten charged for it. I've had two or three returns over the years.
I keep everything except the power cord and the reciever, and never had an issue.
They wanted the power cord? opps :lol:
They prefer to get everything back (for example, if they send you cables that you dont use, please send back, etc).

But only really require the receiver back
I had knew even seen those instructions. I just always returned the remote, if the new receiver had a remote with it.
I've got a stockpile of about ten remotes between bad receivers and upgrades. I don't think they send out used remotes to customers.
I'm about to send a HR21 back. I hope I don't get dinged I could use an extra remote.
Yup, that's all that's really needed. The receiver and the Access card. Remote and cables, you can keep without penalty. Unless policy changes, and we start leasing remotes and cables out, too :D
What would happen if you kept the access card?
when i sent back 1 of my hr20 700 hd dvr they told me all i had to send back was the receiver,powercord and remote,they told me i could keep the hdmi and other cables that came with the receiver.
hbkbiggestfan said:
What would happen if you kept the access card?
If the replacement comes with a new card, then the old card NEEDS to go back. However if the new receiver doesn't come with a card, then you use your old one.
Cards belong to DirecTV.
Hmmm. Wish I'd know this before sending my remote back last week, afraid I'd get dinged. Next time for sure.
Thank you for all of your replies.

I did keep the remote and returned only the receiver, access card and power cord.

It will be nice having an extra remote. My youngest daughter is going on 2 years and I have a really bad feeling that someday she's going to grab the remote, change the channel to CMT (or another of my least favorite channels), hit record and throw the remote in the toilet. Now I have back-up.

Thanks again.
veryoldschool said:
Cards belong to DirecTV.
True,, but they told me last year to keep and not worry about the old access card in my RCA SD receiver circa 2002/2003 vintage, when I upgraded to HD.
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