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Happy to be coming back to DIRECTV after a painful uverse experience.

This Saturday I have a scheduled install for 1 HR34 and 5 HD receivers.

My old setup had a zinwell 4 to 8 output and I had that mounted on a control board in the attic about 15 feet from the dish and had straight pulls to each box from there. I did not have whole house dvr so it was configured for normal wiring.

I know i need to remove the zinwell but is this where they should mount the swm or swim???? Is it better closer to the dish????

I will also need SWM single wire multi switch for the 13 tuners correct??

I do all my own wiring and if i need to change want to do it Friday.

A quick diagram would be great.

Thanks guys missed this forum:D:D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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