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I've just acquired a SWM LNB model 3D2RBLNBR0-01 that I just realized is a reverse band LNB, which I have no idea what that means. Is this LNB compatible with my H23-600 receiver?
When connected, (and yes, I do have a power inserter connected during all this), it's detected as the following:
  • DishType: SL3 LNB
  • RB/INTL: Reverse Band
  • Switch Type: SWM LNB 22 CH
At the bottom is a yellow caution / advisory:
If a network has at least one NDS, Hx2x, or HR34, only 13 SWM channels can be used.

I'm trying to use this while camping, and am concerned this reverse band LNB is preventing me from siting it in or getting a signal.
Every time I click the Re-Setup Satellite, it auto detects the LNB settings listed above, and if I hit Continue or even just the left button by accident, it proceeds to try to download the Advanced Programing Guide, and stays stuck on 0% forever. I have to press the power button on the receiver, which thank god doesn't reboot the receiver. It actually just exits this screen and goes back to the main menu.

If it is compatible, then maybe I'm just over thinking this, and should just proceed to the Signal page, and begin trying to site the dish in starting at 101. But I 'd rather be sure than waste a lot of time.
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