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I have a Toshiba 26" LCD tv in the bedroom. This past weekend I sadly replaced my HR10-250 with a new HR21-700.

The GOOD, is the built in RF remote since my DVR is in the bedroom closet. The bad is that I can not get the little "off" button to turn off my TV.

I programmed the Remote to use RF (works fine)
I programmed my Toshiba TV into the "TV" section (mute+play + remote codes).

With the remote Slider set to TV I can turn off the TV by hitting the power button (usually twice it seem) and all the other basic functions work (volume, mute)

With the Remote slider to the far left (Directv) I *thought* the remote would turn the DVR and TV off by hitting the little "off" button on the top right side of the remote under the txt that says "D&TV". However that doesn't work.

To turn off the DVR and TV. I have to hit either "Pwr" or the "off" button with the slide selector set to DTV and then slide it to TV and hit "Pwr" usually twice.

Is this normal? or am I doing something wrong?


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Dmtalon said:
Tried Code: 10765 and it seems to work like a champ. The little buttons over on the right work to both turn "on" and "off" both devices with a single press.

Thanks a bunch!!

10765 worked great for me...today. Hope it stays working. I have programmed the remote for this Toshiba so many times now it's crazy. The codes work for a while and then some functions cease. The last failure was volume control, which worked initially. Before that is was on/off. Go figure! have 3 other sets that have always worked with the remote since day 1.
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