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RF Remote

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I offer this as informational, because it took me a while to figure out how to do this.

I recently got an HR34 Genie system. I love it. Working perfectly. I changed the remote from IR to RF, simply because the device is not directly in front of the seating area in our living room.

Everything works great, but it occurred to me that if the remote got lost or damaged (as has happened before) I would have to use the physical menus on the front of the device in order to get back to IR...and then set up a new remote for RF....this is because, unlike IR, an RF remote is device specific, and you can't therefore talk to the HR34 with another RF remote.

So I searched for a way to remotely set up a second RF remote on the HR34, in case I lost or damaged the main RF remote. A kind user on another forum gave me the solution, and in about two minutes, I had set up a second RF remote on my HR34.

On any RF capable remote...

Press mute and select together
then press the number keys 9...6...1 and then press channel up
enter last 6 numbers of your receiver ID number (RID)
then press select

Now you have a second RF remote set up to work with your DVR. :)
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Yep, glad you sorted it out. You can set up as many rf remotes as you want using that technique. Further, you can use the slider switch at the top and set up rf on each of the positions for different receivers in either rf or ir on each receiver as desired.
This is a handy technique for setting up mirrored tvs. You have the ability to change channels in either room without having to remember to move the remote from room to room.
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