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I have an HR22-100 and an Hr24-500 both on RF as well as those same model units on IR in other rooms. I notice NO difference in operation other than not having to point the remote anywhere near the box or a reflective surface.

I would prefer the RF but all my other equipment is IR and I like to use Harmony remotes.

Don "waiting for the HR equivalent of Siri :p" Bolton

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Shades228 said:
RF can have a longer response time than IR.
IR can have a longer response time than RF.

But the difference should not be noticeable, and in my case as well as in others, it's not. If you have something interfering with either IR (direct sunlight's a good one) or RF (home security systems are notorious) it can slow things down for one protocol or the other, but usually just keeps it from working altogether. Anything on the same frequency, a multiple or submultiple harmonic of that frequency, stronger and adjacent to that frequency, or overmodulated into nonlinearity so that it creates spurs or images on that frequency, can be problematic.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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