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I'm getting my Den expanded out 9'. All cabling (and the MultiSwitch) run around that room to the rest of the house. I "think" I called DTV about a month ago with my situation and I believe they told me they don't handle that (i.e. I would need everything rerouted somehow or I will be without TV for the next 1-2 months).

Was DTV wrong or what do I do?

Note: The dish is affixed to that room but on a part that's not being extended. The dish itself will not have to be moved. The cabling "could" go "through" the upper part of the room (I have a crawlspace) to feed the rest of the house. That would get rid of ALL the outside cabling tacked to my house, but who do I get to do that? AND, why wouldn't DTV handle that even if I paid them?

They are starting work today !!!

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Responsibility for redoing the cable is on you.

You can do it yourself or hire it done. I don't recommend that you have the builder do it unless they have someone who does TV cabling (this is a requirement in many jurisdictions).

It is best that you replace the cable rather than extend it as putting in extensions hurts the signal.

DIRECTV doesn't do pre-wiring as it requires critical timing and a more thorough electrical inspection as part of the construction.
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