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RSN-very confused

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Live in the 34952 zip code. I put my zip code in the RSN lookup and it shows the following channels I'm supposed to get with a choice or higher base package! 646,649,653,654? I don't get channels 646 or 649. I called in late Feb and was told I was supposed to get channels 646,649, 653, 654. I was sent up the line to advanced tech support and after a very long time on the phone they determined that even though I should get those channels I wasn't currently getting them. They "escalated " the problem, gave me the Sports Pack free for 30 days and assured me that once the 30 day free Sport Pack ended , this issue would be resolved .
Well the 30 day Free Sports Pack has ended and still no channels 646 or 649 . I called yesterday and was sent to 4 different CSR, Techs and finally sent to retentions dept. First two CRS s told me that I was only supposed to get channels 653 and 654. I pointed out that the Directv website under RSN lookup by zip code show that I was paying for channels 646,649,653 and 654 . They both told me that I was wrong and that's not what the look up tool said !!!! I offered to send them a screen shot and they both declined . They then sent me to a advanced tech team and they were confused as well. They retentions person looked up the notes in my account from my original call told me that yes I was supposed to get those channels and put me on hold for a long time. she came back on the phone and told me the problem was I had an expired package -Choice XTRA- and that yes I should have those channels but only if I upgraded to a new choice or higher package. I pointed out that I have a choice package as required by the websites RSN lookup tool. She didntbhave an answer other than I needed a choice or higher package tonget those channels .. I have a choice package so I'm very confused on why I don't get the channels I'm paying for
Can anyone help me here ??
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RSN lookup tool on the D* website is wrong. You only get 2 RSN's in your zip code: Sun Sports & FSN Florida.
newred5 said:
That's one of my points , I use the lookup tool to see which RSNs I get it shows the four of them (recently moved here ) . I have had two directv persons , one an advanced Directv Tech support person tell me I m supposed to get all four of those RSN channels ....
They were probably using the D* website as well. If they would've correctly used their internal help tool, they would've shown only those 2 RSN's that I mentioned above.
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