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Rumor alert

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Theres a chance Verizon and the merged company will get together to bundle TV programming aong with Cellular, local and long distance thats presently rolling out thru their service area. ALL ON ONE BILL!

I like this and think it will be a success if they price it right..
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Verizon used to resell DTV in my area. It was a rental deal. This is not really all that new.
Verizon is not available everywhere though. I cant get Verizon phone service, and I can get there cel lservice but it sucks.
John, does this mean I will be able to get HDTV on my wireless screen phone??? :D
NO NO NO NIck. You will get HDTV and cell phone calls on your bill. seems inconvenient only getting them once a month but...............
"can you see my widescreen now?"

btw-we went to get the passports updated yesterday and there was a verizon guy repairing the lines outside the buildings...we got out of the car and my four kids in unision yelled...

"can you hear me now???"

i bet the rank and file have to be sick of it by now...lol
Hmm, if this is true I may have to reconsider, my plans to get a Sprint PCS phone next year, but I dont have long distance. We never ever use LD, so my mom canceld it a few years ago.
the leak appears possible,,it MAY depenmd on the merger. Bundling in this case would be nice saving lots of bill paying time.
I wish and am still waiting for satellite tv wirelessly anywhere you go just as you do with a cell phone, or the xm satellite radio service. It would be better to have a dozen channels that way than nothing although it would require a lot of bandwidth to get this done but they could add one channel at a time maybe one every 2-4 weeks until they come up with a new way of doing it even better.

Is this technically feasible having internet by satellite anywhere you go in such a small device or at least like xm radio without having this bubble to track the satellites, but pick them up like xm radio does with that type of antenna?
Well my bills are paid automatically. And when Verizon offered this before they did so at a premium----although they were a way to lease DTV as opposed to owning it.

If you want this great---sign up for it. But I would have to see it as offering extra value before I jumped on it.
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