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Running from Gustav, help with HR20

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Unfortunately my family and I will be evacuating from my home in New Orleans/Metairie tomorrow in order to escape the path of hurricane Gustav.

We are currently in the process of moving everything in my house to higher ground. I'm trying to elevate important stuff at least 5 feet off the ground before I leave.

I learned my lesson from Katrina. Last time we evacuated I thought that I would return home to find everything just as I left it. Well, that wasn't the case. 27 inches of water for 5 days pretty much ruined everything we owned.

This time I'm taking more precaution.

I'm moving all my A/V equipment DVD player, receiver, speakers etc.. and I need to know what to do with my HR20-700. The only thing that I can't move higher is my 56 inch Samsung. I do hope to save the rest.

There is no on/off switch on the HR20 do I just unplug it and let it sit idol for a week to God knows how long? Last time it was almost a year before we were back in the house.
Lets assume all goes well and I'm back in my house sometime next week and ready to put things back together.

My questions are:
Will the unplugged HR20 reset after being unplugged for that long a time?
Will it keep all the current and saved recordings?
Will I still be on the same CE release that I downloaded last night?

Thanks in advance for your response. I will check in from time to time , but right now I'm dealing with a very worried and panicky family.
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