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Running RG6 through exterior siding...part of standard install?

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We bought a townhouse and will move soon and I'm getting everything lined up. Filled out the HOA intent to install dish, read all the guidelines etc and am wondering if standard install (movers connection) includes drilling a hole on the exterior to feed the RG6 to the living room. The HOA guidelines say it's allowed, so that's covered. Other than a drip loop and silicone to seal the hole, is there anything else I should take into consideration? The siding is wood and the community was built in 1988.
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Yes, it's part of the standard install. I do it all the time. Make sure they don't hit the window stud. Drill in a downward angle [ if going from inside out ]. Most of the times I place a bushing on both sides too. And silicone behind the outside one.
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