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I just saw this piece of news yesterday, although it was announced in the UK in may. At the conclusion of the 4 Doctor Who specials planned for 2009, Russell T. Davies will step down as the executive producer and showrunner of Doctor Who. Steven Moffat, writer of Blink (one of the creepiest and best Doctor Who epsiodes in my opinion) will take over as head writer and showrunner.


First Phil Colinson leaves, and now Russell. If you haven't seen an epsiode of Doctor Who Confidential or Torchwood Declassified, you have got to go watch those to see how much Doctor Who and Torchwood are these guys.

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Steven Moffat, also wrote The Empty Child, my "creepiest and best doctor who ep".

taken from the IMDB.com:

"Doctor Who" (6 episodes)

1. The Empty Child (21 May 2005) - Writer (written by)
2. The Doctor Dances (28 May 2005) - Writer (written by)
3. The Girl in the Fireplace (6 May 2006) - Writer (written by)
Next US airings:
Fri. Aug. 8 11:00 AM SCIFI
4. Blink (9 June 2007) - Writer (written by)
5. Silence in the Library (31 May 2008) - Writer (written by)
6. Forest of the Dead (7 June 2008) - Writer (written by)

All good eps, written by mr Moffat, too bad we'll have to wait till 2010 for new shows, mind you there will be specials to hopefully tie us over until then.
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