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Sam 8 said:
The past couple of times I have watched a program that is on KCRA, via my Dish local HD feed, I have noticed that there is no audio coming from the surround speakers whatsoever, even though the programming (NASCAR and NFL) is advertised as being broadcast in HD with 5.1.
My receiver is displaying the LED for Dolby Digital, but no audio is outputing beyond the front, center, and sub. Changing the channel to another HD feed instantly cures the problem, manually forcing the receiver to switch to ProLogic brings the surrounds online, but not in true 5.1
I've checked all my stuff and believe the problem is not related to my gear.
Anybody else in NorCal noticing this?
Between this and the lack of the local Fox affiliate being available in HD at all, it kind of makes me wonder if the extra $ for the locals in HD is even worth the hassle. I get two networks completely, one, "sort of" and one is a scratch.
I'm no expert in any of this stuff, just trying to figure out what's what..
Why not use OTA? KCRA had the football game in HD and Dolby 5.1. As far as FOX40 it as well has the HD content and also Dolby 5.1 via OTA.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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