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Samsung CLP-610ND

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About three weeks ago, I stumble across a review of the Samsung CLP-610ND. At $349, it wasn't bad for a full-duplex color laser printer. The reviews were quite positive.

As it turns out, Fry's had this printer on special for this weekend for $249. So, I rush to the stores. Sure enough, they were out of stock. Fortunately, I got a rain check. Still, I'm surprised at the price. My HP Laserjet 4 cost me $1600 new 15 years ago, and it had a 600x600 resolution. Now, they have CLPs at 2400x600 resolution. Interesting.

Hopefully, Fry's will get some more in soon.
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I got lucky yesterday. Fry's had a NIB CLP-610ND printer. Of course, I came to a realization yesterday when I picked it up.... it won't fit in the car. So, I had to run home quick, get the truck, then, pick it up.

It is currently sitting at home waiting to be installed. That will occur Saturday.
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