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San Antonio NBC

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Hey all:

I am a subscriber to E* and I've been inquiring to them for more than a year, asking why I don't get WOAI (NBC San Antonio) in HD. The other locals come through in HD but not WOAI.

Time Warner has broadcast WOAI in HD for several years. I live in the country where no cable company is available.

Emails and calls to customer service just get a duh ...... we don't know.

I was curious to see if Direct subscribers in the San Antonio area receive WOAI in HD.

I enjoy reading all the blogs and have been technically helped several times by them. There are some real slick guys on the DBS website.

Thanks in advance for any reply.

Kerrville, TX
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elbyj said:
The absence of WOAI in HD is one of the reasons I shifted from DISH to DIRECTV earlier this year. I got tired of waiting for WOAI to work out their agreement with DISH to they could put the HD signal on the dish. It is all a matter of money!! Also, since DIRECTV carries all the local HD channels, we don't need to have a OTA.
THANK YOU ALL ...... just as I suspected.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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