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It was announced a few months ago that the Fox affiliate in San Diego is moving from XETV to KSWB on August 1, but there was no information about what would happen to The CW programming on KSWB. Some speculated that it would move to a subchannel, but it has now been confirmed that The CW will move from KSWB to XETV that same day:


This is good news since both channels are in HD on DirecTV.

Since XETV is currently 720p and KSWB is 1080i, I still haven't heard if they'll switch resolutions on August 1.

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I was concerned initially because there was talk of the CW programming moving to KUSI. I don't believe that KUSI is broadcasting in HD, their SD signal is not carried by DirecTV, and I can't get it OTA. My wife and I enjoy Supernatural and Reaper so we're glad the the stations are merely swapping affiliations.

I'm sure that you're familiar with it, but in case you're not, there's a lot of discussion about the switch in the forums at hdtv.forsandiego.com.

From my understanding XETV is using a Fox special equipment "splicer" which allows them to pass the pre-encoded Fox 720p signal along with re-compression. My guess is that KSWB will also get the Fox splicer which means that they'll probably broadcast in 720p. As far as XETV, Gary Stigall, an XETV engineer and forum regular, indicated in a post on 7/2 that "...the [XETV] prime time programming will be carried in HD 1080i. But there's a lot of work to do between now and August 1, when the switch gets thrown." My guess is that the're bringing in all-new 1080i equipment.
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