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Sat 101 PPV and On demand

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I recently installed an R16 in a multiple dwelling unit that has a round dish, and I gave the resident a "stacker" so that his single home-run coax carries all 32 transponders at the same time. Last night, he told me he had Comcast at his previous residence and used their on-demand service often and asked if anything like that was now available to him through DirecTV.

Are any such premium services available for someone who is simply tethered to 101? He does have a twisted pair landline available even though I did not connect his receiver to it.
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Are they all carried on 101, or if not, will those carried on 101 be identifiable?

Will he need to connect his phoneline?
P Smith said:
Check the Push VOD channels (1000 range) in gct's tables (he has own dedicated thread).
I don't know what you are referring to by "gct's tables" or by his "own dedicated thread". I don't have access to an activated, residential DirecTV receiver.
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