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Satellite 119 signal issue

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I have a 3lnb oval dish and recently began having problems with my local channels. They worked much better before but something must have happened. I dont have any HD programming. Looking at my signal strength, my signal at 119 is always low. I tried moving my dish but can only get to about 70 signal and that only lasts for a bit and then its back down to 50-60 which cuts out the picture. My other satellites seem better, they are usually in the high 80s even after moving the dish around. I have a pretty clear view of the southern sky. What axis is most important to this particular satellite? No matter how I move it, it just doesnt seem to change. Thanks.
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Have you tried adjusting the Tilt, or ensure it is tightened down? Go into your menu through the Sat Setup again and should give you the setting for your zip code and you can verify.

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I have messed with the tilt but the thing is I only move the tilt and if it doesnt improve I move it back to where it was and then try one of the other two things. Not sure if I need to do multiple adjustments to make it work?
If you look through the Sat Setup it will give you all the settings, like starting over. Just make sure you have the 3 LNB dish selected. Then you can check your current settings to see if they are close for your location.

Have not asked, but always worth it: Do you have any LOS issues? Any trees or leaves that have grown since the initial install?

Also: Any play in the dish? Everything tight? I think you will find that somehthing has moved.....
Check the mount as well to make sure it is (still) plumb. That can cause the 119 to be out of alignment even when the tilt setting is correct (or optimized) and signal strength on the other satellites is good.
Dirac said:
Check the mount as well to make sure it is (still) plumb.
All of the dish settings from the receiver (or anywhere else) rely on the top of the mast being plumb. Take the dish off the mast and use a torpedo level on the sides of the top section of the mast, both directions, and plumb the pole. The mast on a 3-LNB dish should have some "twist" adjustment to allow the pole to be plumbed up pretty easily even on an uneven surface.

Once the mast is plumbed and tighted down, preset the dish to the adjustments given to you by your receiver, based on your zip code, and sweep the dish from due east towards the south. You should be able to find the sats, and then fine-tune. Use ONLY the elevation and azimuth (side-to-side) to fine tune; leave the tilt alone.
Everything is tight but the mast doesnt look quite plumb. I did notice last night that I was in the high 70s until I got a slight breeze, I am talking like a 5 mph wind. Then it shot downward. My neighbor has a pretty tall tree but man its gotta be a couple hundred feet way. I see people all the time that have their dish in a middle of a bunch of trees or on the back of their house pointing toward their roof and it works. Why would I have an issue with a tree so far out? If thats it :)
The mast not being plumb may be your culprit. It can throw off alignment very easily.
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