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Satellite Pre-Wire

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I am building a house and the low-voltage was run the other day and they have run 4 RG6 wires from the "satellite" to the AV panel in the basement.

I plan on 2 HD DVRS and 1 regular HD receiver. If we are in the house long enough, maybe a couple more HD receivers.

Did they run enough RG6 cable?

Thanks in advance.
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Yes. All current dishes need a maximum 4 wires from the ODU to the multi switch location.I am sure paranoid people would run an additional two but really that is up to you.
How many lines did they run from the your panel to the rooms?You are going to need 2 lines to each DVR (UNLES SWM IS USED) and one line for each non-dvr receiver. Then you need to decide if you just want connections on one wall in each room or multiple jacks, in case you change your furniture around in the future.
It sounds like I am ok. I had two lines run to each room that I want a DVR in. Thanks for the help!
Rockaway.. what is a SWM? and how can you hook-up 7 outlets from 4..
A SWM is a Single Wire Multiswitch. The original SWM system involved a multiswitch that could be put inside or outside. The multiswitch used the four lines from the Slimline dish as inputs and gave you two outputs that could be split similarly to cable. The new SWM system is built into the Slimline LNB. In this case, you only have one line coming down from the dish into the house, and you can split from this one line.

The advantage of the SWM system is you only need to run one line to each receiver. A DVR can use two tuners even though only one line is connected. The main disadvantage is it is only supported by newer receivers.

DirecTV will install a Slimline with SWM (aka SWMline) if you have 5 tuners (a DVR has 2 tuners and a regular receiver has 1 tuner). You can also find the SWMline LNB on eBay and perhaps other places. You can purchase the SWM Multiswitch (SWM8) from SolidSignal and other places; we also had a member here selling them.

An advantage to the SWM8 is that it has additional inputs, including two Flex Ports for international programming and an input for an OTA antenna. It also has Legacy Port outputs for older receivers.
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You're set unless you live in an area with locals on 72.5 (flexport).

Me, I'd have OTA runs too.
The other thing to consider is if you want to go with an OTA antenna for local HD and where that may be located. You will need to have a run going to that location as well and going back to teh central closet or other convenient location.
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