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12:05 PM ET
DN DH1 Phillies (CSN Philadelphia?) at Reds (FSN Cincinnati?)

1:25 PM ET
Yankees at Tigers FOX Regional Game
Marlins at Braves FOX Regional Game

3:05 PM ET
Diamondbacks at Rockies

4:05 PM ET
Rangers at Athletics
Twins (FSN North-Minnesota) at White Sox (WGN/WGN Superstation)

4:10 PM ET
Angels at Mariners FOX Regional Game
Astros at Cardinals FOX Regional Game

6:15 PM ET
Blue Jays (Rogers SportsNet) at Devil Rays

7:05 PM ET
Red Sox (WFXT) at Orioles (WBDC)
Indians (FSN Ohio & EI 754) at Royals
Cubs (WGN/WGN Superstation) at Pirates
Giants (KTVU/KMAX) at Brewers

7:10 PM ET
Expos at Mets (WPIX)
DN DH2 Phillies (WPSG) at Reds (FSN Cincinnati & EI 755)

10:05 PM ET
Dodgers (KCOP) at Padres (4 San Diego/XEWT)

NOTE: 3 games on ESPN2 tomorrow!!

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Added Phillies at Reds Day/Night Doubleheader Game 1, a makeup game for the friday rain-out. TV coverage for both teams is listed on their respective official web sites. This would require pre-emption of the North Carolina State at Texas Tech college football game for both of the RSNs involved. There is some doubt as to whether this can or will happen. Non of the EPGs have been changed at this time, but it is a bit early for this to have happened. The old expression is "WING IT". :)
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