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Saturday's (7/27/02) MLB TV Schedule

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C-band in-the-clear feeds from O's TV (Orioles), WFXT (Red Sox), KCWE (Royals) & WPXM (Marlins).

DirecTV receivers showing EI ch 754 slated for the Yanks game, but that's in the BIG FOX BIG WINDOW Saturday blackout range. EI listings for Saturday on channel 753 do not list the game on 754.

10:15 AM PT/1:15 PM ET
Reds @ Mets - BIG FOX - Regional Game-of-the-Week
Cubs @ Cardinals - BIG FOX - Regional Game-of-the-Week
Phillies @ Braves - BIG FOX - Regional Game-of-the-Week

1:05 PM PT/4:05 PM ET
Angels (No TV) @ Mariners (No TV)
Padres (No TV) @ Diamondbacks (No TV)

1:10 PM PT/4:10 PM ET
Dodgers @ Giants - BIG FOX - Regional Game-of-the-Week

2:05 PM PT/5:05 PM ET
Orioles (O's TV- WNUV/WBDC) @ Red Sox (WFXT)

3:15 PM PT/6:15 PM ET
Yankees (YES) @ Devil Rays (FSN Florida)

4:05 PM PT/7:05 PM ET
Royals (KCWE) @ White Sox (FSN Chicago & EI 755)
Rockies (KWGN) @ Brewers (FSN North-Wisconsin & EI 756)
Blue Jays (RSN) @ Twins (FSN North-Minnesota & EI 757)
Tigers (WKBD) @ Indians (FSN Ohio & EI 758)
Marlins (WPXM) @ Expos (No TV)

5:05 PM PT/8:05 PM ET
Athletics (KICU) @ Rangers (FSN Southwest & EI 759)
Pirates (FSN Pittsburgh) @ Astros (FSN Southwest Alt & EI 760) & HDNET
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Only major league baseball could have two teams tied for first place in July and not have the game televised anywhere. Sounds like the good ol' days of the NHL.
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