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Save $20 per month on TC+ Premier w/locals for 6 months

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Great deal I found on the TIVO forum. Commit for 1 year to have at least TC and you can get TC+ Premier w/locals for 6 months $85.99 -$20.00=$65.99! Now with the Tivo fee being free after Nov 1st (for TC+ Premier subs) you will save in 6 months $140!

Ok, this took me 3 calls into D* to get this to go.

1st call, told me there is no such thing.
2nd call, told me I have a 1yr commitment already and I don't qualify.

(BTW I didn't have to lie like some people may, by saying i'm going to cancel etc. Also I already had a 1 year commitment. )

Here is what happened on my thrid call:

Got Ryan,
After some small talk about Idaho....

Me - "I want to get Total Choice Premier with locals. "
Ryan - "I can do that for you"
Me - "I heard I can get it for 6months with $20 off per month"?
Silence for 5 seconds...
Ryan - "I can do that for you sir"
Me -" Thats awesome "
Ryan - "After 6 months you can lower your package but you need to commit to staying with Total Choice for the remainder of the time."
Me - " No problem, sign me up"
Ryan - "All done, also just so you know we will be lowering your Tivo fee's........."
Me - "Told him thats great (knew it already:)) and thanked him again"

I'm very happy now


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I currently have TC Premier and I was able to get the deal. Cool!
do you have to be a TIVO customer to get this deal?
I'lll answer my own question here.. no you dont have to be a TIVO customer. I called and got it within about two minutes. No committment past six months . Awesome deal for the coming winter months.
A lot of customers would not have ordered all of those channels and do not watch all of those channels anyways therefore the savings are not really there. This is just a way of them saving money on promotions.
How do you know that? I have TC Premier, but my brother only had HBO because he didn't want to pay for more channels. Now he can get them for only $10 more.
I can't get the mrs. to bite. :( She doesn't think we'll watch enough to justify taking the bill from $61 per month to $87 per month. I'll just keep working it until she says o.k. just to shut me up :)
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