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If this is "illegal" to talk about then I apologize, and please delete this post. But, I just got DoD up and running. I have my laptop, desktop, and HD receiver all networked together and life is good. I'm curious if there is a way to catch the requested DoD show onto one of my computers. That way I can save shows onto my laptop while I'm traveling or out of the house. I imagine this isn't possible out of the box. But, is there any programs out that can save the files to the computer before it gets to the box?


PS: I did do some searching but found nothing. Though I didn't exactly know what to search for.

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The "DIRECTV DVRs with TiVo" don't have on demand.

The only way is as Robert said: the old fashioned, real-time capture via S-VIDEO or composite out from the DVR to a capture device on your home computer.

If you need a capture device, Pinnacle Dazzle is fairly inexpensive and comes with a scaled down version of Pinnacle Studio for editing captures and burning to disc (or even to the hard drive).
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