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Scheduling problem?

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I scheduled a recording of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly on IFC (559) last week and it didn't record, history showed it canceled because the channel was no longer available (I think that was the message). I went to channel 559 and the channel was working so I setup a recording of the next two showings to be safe. Checked yesterday and neither show recorded and nothing in history about a failure. A search did not show any future showings yesterday, but I did a search on the DTV site just now and it is schedule to show Jul 25th 5:00 am. So I scheduled a recording online today.

Anyone know what the problem might be or what I can do to make sure it records this time?
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The first miss may be a result of guide changes made when the Viacom channels were turned off. There have been several other guide issues because of that.

The second miss, especially since there is nothing in history, is puzzling. If you're not seeing the 7/25 showing in your guide data you may want to flush your guide cache and let it rebuild. You can do that rebooting, via the info & setup menu, twice in a 30 minute time period. This will discard the guide data you have and re-acquire fresh data. It will take 24 to 48 hours though before you have complete guide data and posters again.
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